When To Buy A New Car In Order To Get A Good Deal

By admin on November 12, 2018

Is your car so beat up that car grooming is not working out anymore? Think it’s time to replace it with a new one but not sure when is the best

Is your car so beat up that car grooming is not working out anymore? Think it’s time to replace it with a new one but not sure when is the best time to buy so you could get a better deal? Well, here are some suggestions that may help you with that.

· End Of The Day
If you’re really serious on buying a car, it’s good to catch a sales person when they’re about to close for the day, provided that you’re not too tired or it could backfire. This is because when a sales person thinks you’re a potential buyer, you might get a strong deal since the salesperson would want to close the deal already. So they’d be more willing to give you a deal that would make you decide to buy to speed up the transaction. On that same reason, if you come in too tired to analyze if the deal being offered is actually good or not, you could get swayed by his sales talk and make hasty decision.

· End Of The Month Or Quarter
Car dealers usually operate on monthly cycle with quotas to meet. Also, most sales person have special bonuses when they reach they monthly goals. During these times, they’re more eager to make a sale and as a result they become more lenient with the deals they offer to those potential buyers just to make a sale.

· Late Summer Or Early Fall
When these seasons hit, new car arrivals are being delivered to dealers. In these cases, dealers are eager to sell their previous year model cars since they know majority of people will have their attention on the new arrivals. So it’d be harder to sell the ones from the preceding year unless they give potential buyer a really good deal.

· End Of The Year
Out of the options in this list, end of the year is probably the best strategy for you. As mentioned earlier, car sales persons have quotas that they have to meet, a goal which is even tougher when the year is about to end. Though their sales for the past 11 months are looking pretty good enough, quota-wise, they still push in December because not only the sales representative but up to the finance manager is trying to hit their sales goals. So it’s best to make a purchase this time because you have a negotiating advantage due to their goal-meeting anxiety.

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