Do Yourself, Your Car, And Your Passengers A Favor By Tinting Your Car Windows!

By admin on July 26, 2018

People think that because they’re indoors, whether inside a car or a building, they’re spared from the harmful damages of the sun.

People think that because they’re indoors, whether inside a car or a building, they’re spared from the harmful damages of the sun. But, you’re forgetting windows that serve as gateway for the sun. Go the extra mile and invest in window film for your car and home to make sure nothing sneaks in. It blocks 99% of UV rays at wavelengths known to contribute to skin damage over time. With a full range of window tints from dark to clear find a dealer near you and select the window tint that is best for you.

Facts On Rising Temperature Inside Car

Car Interior Temperature Rises Rapidly
Even if you intended to be out for just a “minute”, you probably know by now that it always takes you longer than that every time. So you might as well expect that you’ll come back to a really hot car because within just 10 minutes (even with the windows slightly open) interior temperature can rise almost up to 20 degrees, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Parked Cars Outside Easily Becomes Greenhouses On Wheels
Infrared rays that enter the car are unable to get out, quickly warming the interior. Inside temperatures – Even if it’s just 70 degrees outside, a car under direct sunlight can easily reach 122 degrees. You don’t want to sit inside a car that hot which is why it’s best to take measure to help regulate the temperature of your vehicle either it’s parked on not.

Children And Furry Pets Are Under More Risks Inside A Parked Car Under Direct Sunlight
Did you know that a kids’ body temperature rises 5 times faster than an adults? Or that furry pets can’t cool themselves when they get too hot because they don’t sweat? So imagine leaving them inside a parked vehicle under extremely hot weather? That can be very lethal for them because they can easily suffer from heatstroke in just a couple of minutes!

Why Tinting Your Car Windows Helps With All That?

If you haven’t used tint on your windows before, you’d be surprised by how much better your daily life can actually be with them on. You’d even question yourself how you managed before without it. Here are the things window tinting can do you, your vehicle and your passengers a favor!

Cooler Interior Temperature
Having air conditioning unit in your car makes driving around in tropical countries easier. However, despite the comfort that it provides it also means you’re consuming more gas at a faster rate, especially during summer because the unit has to work harder to keep your car cool. But if you get your windows tinted, you’ll be able to save money and gasoline. Window films blocks not just the sunlight but as well as the heat from penetrating your vehicle, so you wouldn’t have to run the AC unit on full blast just to keep the interior cool.

It Protects Your Money
Instead of blasting the AC unit and wasting gas and money in attempt to cool down your car faster, do this trick instead. Roll down the passenger window and open and close the driver’s door a handful of times. This will quickly and effectively cool down a hot car. This even works faster if you install window films on your car windows. Installing them helps evenly distribute the temperature. This is because solar films balance the amount of sunlight that enters your car; therefore you no longer have to keep blasting the AC every time you’ve left your car parked for a long time to solve temperature problems. This then helps lessen your energy consumption which means you spend less money on gas.

Protection For Your Upholstery
Did you know that leather can fade and crack when constantly exposed to the sun? But then you can spare you car’s upholstery from premature damages which, of course, saves you money from repair or repurchasing if your car is tinted. This is because car tints serves as a barrier from direct sunlight to block 90% of harmful UV rays from entering.

Protection For The Window Itself
Accidentally hitting your car window would not only cost you money but may also lead to injury or wounds. But if you get your car windows tinted this may be prevented because automotive films help hold the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter easily upon impact with an object or in an event of an accident.

Protection From Burglary
There are times where you have to drive to ghetto areas, in this case keeping a low profile with the help of tint on your car windows is a great help. It doesn’t just keep people from easily profiling you but it also protects valuable things inside your car from being spotted right away which prevents people from taking interest in them.

Better Driving
Aren’t you tired of squinting while driving? Driving with the sun’s glare on your face is not only annoying but also dangerous. How so? Well since it makes you squint, then your vision becomes affected which can lead to either road accident or damaged eyesight due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. Automotive films blocks glare from all sources of extreme light so that you wouldn’t have to be distracted by it and you can focus on driving instead of looking for something to cover your eyes every time.

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