How to Know if You Need to Replace Your Car’s Faded Window Tint?

By admin on December 24, 2018

As an old adage goes, nothing in this world is permanent; everything will change on its own time. So, do not be surprised

As an old adage goes, nothing in this world is permanent; everything will change on its own time. So, do not be surprised if one day your car window tint fades because it is bound to happen at a certain point, as well as other parts of your car that may need to be replaced. But this is never a problem because Infratint is always here to give a hand when it comes to automotive film in Singapore!

If you are too hesitant about getting a new window film, here are some reasons that might make you want to have a new automotive film:

1. It is made from poor quality and substandard materials
Tints made from low-quality materials are the most common reason why your automotive tint fades easily, like the old dye-based window films. On the other hand, high-quality tints can be easily determined because they do not bubble, peel or deteriorate.

2. Protection for cancer-causing UV rays
How long since you had your car window filmed? Are you aware that the window tint technology has got better in the past years? Well, if you decide to replace your auto film with heat resistant window tint, you are most likely doing your skin a big favor for car solar film can help your skin protected against the harmful UV rays.

3. Prevent further damage
Aging window tint tends to bubble and peel, which is really not a good thing especially if you have kids in your car, as they may have the urge to peel it even more. That is why it is better to have it replaced before things get worse.

Once you have decided to change your old automotive films, you may also want to make it last longer, but how? Better check out some helpful tips such as follows:

1. Look for an automotive window film made from quality materials
As mentioned earlier, substandard materials are the main culprit on the deterioration of your car window tint. So, spend time on looking for a tint with high-quality substances.

2. Don’t always go for the lowest price
When it comes to choosing the film for your car window, it is not wise to go for the lowest price. It would be better to spend a little more at first than to take more money out of your pocket in the future just because you’ve chosen the film with the lowest value.

3. Warranty
In line with opting the tint with high-quality materials, despite it costs more, you are not only getting your car a window film with a well-known brand but also a warranty that would last for years. With this, you will save yourself some money in case the tint has any problem or defects.

4. Ask a professional for the installation
If you are thinking of installing window tint on your own, be reminded that it is not as easy as you think. Better yet, ask a window tint provider for a person who has skills when it comes to installation of automotive film. By doing so, you will save yourself from some hassles and mistakes.

5. Choose the tint with a brand
If you don’t have any idea about automotive films, it would be better to search for the one with a name. Off-brand window tints may be cheaper but you are not sure about its quality, which is why investing in a film with a well-known brand is one of the best things you can do for your auto.

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