Top 11 Ways To Save More At The Gas Station

By admin on August 21, 2018

It’s no secret that gas expenses, apart from car repair costs, is one of the hardest dig in your wallet when you own a car.

It’s no secret that gas expenses, apart from car repair costs, is one of the hardest dig in your wallet when you own a car. But, lighten up a bit! Here are some secrets on how to save money at the gasoline station!

1. Hit The Pump Station At Midnight
Gas stations drop their prices during odd hours. Because why hike it up when it’s already the most down time, right? So if you get off work around that time or likes to hit the road early when you’re going on a trip, take this opportunity to fill your tank on a much lower price.

2. Schedule Your Trip To The Gasoline Station Every Wednesday
People usually go on trip during weekends so gas stations know that people will fill their tanks up around Thursday until weekend. So expect the prices are up during that time as well as the start of the week, this is why Wednesday is your wallets new best friend at the pumping station.

3. Get A Gas Partnership Plan
Membership cards are great. You earn redeemable points every time you fill up your tank which also allows you to take advantage on doubling or sometimes even tripling the amount of deductible fuel points. If you don’t have one yet, better ask if the pumping station where you always go to offers this.

4. Check With Your Local Grocery If They Offer Special Savings
Businesses like to help each other out to get more clients. It may surprise you that a grocery store offer promos like giving you twice the fuel points when purchasing on a particular day but hey it works! It makes you shop to them more, you become a frequent at a pumping station they’ve partnered with, and you save money on gas. Win-win for everyone!

5. Use A High Quality Fuel Cleaner
Many high-grade cleaners are engineered to improve every component contained within a fuel system. So this helps your get the most out of your fuel which saves you money in the long run.

6. Don’t Go When The Tanker Truck Replenishing The Gas Station’s Underground Fuel Reservoir

Just because the pumping station’s reservoir is being refilled doesn’t mean you’ll get fresh gas when you go. These tanker trucks stirs up the layer of sediment at the bottom of their reservoir that had been there for a while when they replenish. So it’s best to wait it out before you fill your tank up.

7. Get A Gas App
Since you’re probably with your phone most of the time, why not take advantage of that technology? A gas app allows you to track up-to-date fuel cost and gas stand location that will help you save more money.

8. Keep In Mind, Good Fuel Ain’t Cheap, And Cheap Fuel Ain’t Good
Remember, a save isn’t a save if you didn’t get it in a good condition even if you got it relatively free. So, if you truly want to save money, invest a little on the good stuff because those things save you more in the long run.

9. Don’t Attempt To Drive On An Empty Tank
Driving with little to nothing fuel can lead to clogged filter, a choked fuel pump, or gunked-up injectors because you’re essentially forcing your car to suck large amount of air which happens when your tank runs low. When that happens, you could spend more on car repair than you saved from trying to drive your car with almost empty tank.

10. Don’t Feel Compelled To Opt For Premium All The Time
Unless you have a vehicle that requires “Premium Unleaded Fuel Only” you’re pretty much allowed to fill it up with a lower octane rating. Check your owner’s manual to confirm this.

11. Install Window Film On Your Car Windows
This tip helps you put off visit to the gas station because it helps lessen your fuel consumption. As a result you spend less money on gas since you don’t have to refill your tank as frequently considering you’re able maximize your gas than you would have if you didn’t have window films installed.
Instead of blasting the AC unit and wasting gas and money in attempt to cool down your car faster, do this trick instead. Roll down the passenger window and open and close the driver’s door a handful of times. This will quickly and effectively cool down a hot car. This even works faster if you install window films on your car windows. Installing them helps evenly distribute the temperature. This is because window films balance the amount of sunlight that enters your automobile; therefore you no longer have to keep blasting the AC every time you’ve left your car parked for a long time to solve temperature problems.

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