How To Upgrade The Exterior Of Your Vehicle

By admin on October 08, 2018

Yes, car performance will always outdo looks. But, there are times when neglecting your car exterior condition can lead to damages and costly car repairs.

Yes, car performance will always outdo looks. But, there are times when neglecting your car exterior condition can lead to damages and costly car repairs. So it’s still important that you keep your car looking pristine along with maintaining its performance. Plus if you’re the type who like to have their car reflect their personality, custom upgrades are definitely necessary because a car straight out of the dealer shop is basically just like any other car out there. Here are some easy and appealing vehicle updates to seriously consider.

Invest On Window Tint
Installing window tinting films can provide a lot of benefits for you and your vehicle starting from cooling interior temperature, protecting your upholstery from UV ray damage, adding an extra layer of protection on the window glass itself, helping you drive more comfortably because of reduced glare and keep your car on a low profile. But aside from those wonderful benefits, it can also make your ride look sleeker which is a bonus considering all the other things it can do for you, but definitely something you’d appreciate window films even more for.

Consider Vehicle Wrap
Business owners often seek the professional application of vehicle wraps to advertise their business and dress up company vehicles. For personal rides, it’s a great way to add a bold character statement. Vehicle wraps may suite an owner seeking a classic side-stripe or who wants to represent their favorite sports team. An auto-vehicle-wrap installation company is your expert source for the most aesthetically appealing wraps that guard from ink fading and flawless application.

Apply Clear Paint Protection
Most new cars come with a clear coat over the paint layer to keep the car shiny and protected from external elements. The clear coat offers a more glossy finish to the car, and will keep harmful elements like UV rays and dust at bay to protect the paint of the car. Any minor issues can also be buffed out, if the car has a clear coat. However, clear coats are sensitive to scratches and are prone to oxidation. It is still not a substitute for wax and needs to have a wax job to protect the shine of the car. Owners can opt for full or partial front-end coverage, and custom coverage is available for rocker panels, rear bumpers, headlights and more.

Get A New Bumper
If you’re going to upgrade your bumper, you can choose from different materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass and plastic. Your choice would depend on whether you want it strong and weighty or durable and light. But remember that bumpers primary role in your car is for protection during low speed collision which can both help provide safety and better look for your vehicle in general. So make sure you think about your options carefully.

Switch Out Your Wheels And Rims
Yes, tires can be expensive. But replacing them is inevitable at some point especially if they already exhibit damages like shallow tread depth, vibration when speeding, uneven tire wear, cracks on the sidewall, as well as bulges and blisters. All of these are strong indicators that your car needs new tires because these things don’t just affect your driving experience and safety on the road, but they also make your car look really bad. Depending on your preference, you may opt for a low-profile tire or a beefed-up, wider tire with a more aggressive tread. It’s vital the new tires maintain enough suspension and brake clearance and properly fit the centering hub. Vehicle rims come in all different styles and colors. From sporty to sleek, a rim upgrade is just another way to add some much-needed character to your ride.

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