Ways To Keep Your Vehicle From Becoming A Little Greenhouse On Wheels When Parked Outside

By admin on August 01, 2018

But having the sun high in the sky most days can mean scorching car seats, muggy interiors, and potential damage to your vehicle's surfaces

Road trips, longer days, and warmer weather are just a few of the joys of living in a tropical country like Singapore where it’s basically summer most of the time. But having the sun high in the sky most days can mean scorching car seats, muggy interiors, and potential damage to your vehicle’s surfaces when it’s exposed to hours of sunlight at a time. As much as the heat can take a toll on your car’s interior, it’s also rough on a vehicle’s working parts. Aside from all these tips to help keep your car cool you should also head to your mechanic for routine summer maintenance, like a cooling system and fluid check, so that you’ll not only stay cool, you’ll stay safe.

Invest In Window Tinting
If you don’t want to do a lot of things but don’t want to sit inside a scorching hot car either, invest in window tinting. Solar films for your car keep UV rays from penetrating your car windows. As a result, it doesn’t just keep your interior much cooler; it also prevents your leather seats from premature fading and cracking.

Use A Sunshade Or Window Visor
Whether it’s a sunny day or not, you should always have this in your car. Put this up every time you exit your car even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Remember, a car parked under a direct sunlight gets hot really quick.

Use A Dash Cover
A fabric or upholstered dash cover will protect sensitive vinyl from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading. Aside from that it can also prevent that area from becoming too hot so you don’t accidently burn your hands in case you touch it.

Cover Your Steering Wheel With A Hand Towel
Speaking of touch, one constant are in your car that you’ll definitely touch all time is the steering wheel. If you don’t cover that, even when you have the sunshade up, it will become hot to the touch. In this case you either have to wrap your hands with a cloth or use glove just to be able to touch it.

Park In A Shady Area
It’s always worth it to take the extra time to look for a shaded area to park. It’s better to walk farther to your parking spot than settle for the closest one and come back to a hot car.

Park In A Garage When Possible
Even a warm garage beats being parked in the sun all day. So whenever there’s an available garage, use it. Not only that your interior will stay cool, but your paint job won’t suffer to premature damage either.

Leave Windows Rolled Down Slightly
Key word is slightly. You shouldn’t be able to fit your whole arm through the crack. A tiny bit will do. This will promote ventilation to keep your car cool.

Throw Blankets Over Your Seats
What’s worst that holding a hot steering wheel? Sitting on a hot leather seat! You don’t want that. So always have a blanket in your car ready and you’d thank yourself you did. You can always keep it in the backseat if you rarely have passengers or in the trunk for those not so hot days.

Turn Your Car Around
It is not always possible to park in the shade but you can always turn your car around so that most of the sunlight will go into the back of your car to keep you from touching a hot steering wheel or seat when you get into your car.

Do The Japanese Door Trick
Instead of blasting the AC unit and wasting gas in attempt to cool down your car faster, do this trick instead. Roll down the passenger window and open and close the driver’s door a handful of times. This will quickly and effectively cool down a hot car.

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