Window Tinting: Guardian Angel In Disguise

By admin on November 21, 2018

Guardian angels are considered as invisible human body guards. They are said to keep us from harm’s way without us even realizing it.

Guardian angels are considered as invisible human body guards. They are said to keep us from harm’s way without us even realizing it. The same thing can be said about window tints whether in your home or car, they block us from a lot of harmful things that sometimes we can’t even see.

I know what you’re thinking, “How can a film protect anything at all?” Well, window films may not be able to bulletproof your car or home but it can protect you from everyday natural things like sunlight and even insects which can really be bothersome and frustrating in the long run.

If you haven’t used tint on your windows before, you’d be surprised by how much better your daily life can actually be with them on. You’d even question yourself how you managed before without it.

For example, people think that because they’re indoors, whether inside a car or a building, they’re spared from the harmful damages of the sun. But, you’re forgetting windows that serve as gateway for the sun. Go the extra mile and invest in window film for your car and home to make sure nothing sneaks in. It blocks 99% of UV rays at wavelengths known to contribute to skin damage over time. With a full range of window tints from dark to clear find a dealer near you and select the window tint that is best for you.

If you think people are the only ones who get affected by the UV rays, you’re wrong. Because even furniture, clothes, or fabrics like drapes don’t do well with the sun. Why? Because the chemical bonds of dyes on your furniture and fabrics that gives them bright colors breaks down when they’re in constant exposure to the sun. As a result, they easily fade and look old, which is not cool at all when they’re all relatively new. However, installing tinted films onto your windows will block 99% of the UV rays and protect your fabrics, carpets, hardwood floors, and fine antiques from discoloration and fading!

Window tints can even provide extra protection in your car by fortifying the windows itself. Accidentally hitting your car window would not only cost you money but may also lead to injury or wounds. But if you get your car windows tinted this may be prevented because automotive films help hold the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter easily upon impact with an object or in an event of an accident.

It even comes with added comfort of regulating interior temperature whether you’re inside a vehicle or your home. Whether it’s summer or not, once the sun is up it can easily warm up the entire space. Do you know why it seems like when the temperature inside any home or establishment seems to be higher than when you are outside? That’s because of the windows because they’re making it easier for the outside temperature to penetrate as well as the harmful UVA rays that can cause damage to you skin. But the help of heat resistant window tint, 67% of the sun’s heat will be reduced which reduces cooling cost by 30% too.

So if you’re still hesitating about investing in window tints, this is the only reason you need to feel justified about it. It adds protection for you, your family and even some of your material possessions. Some of the benefits that it comes with may seem trivial to you but you cannot deny the fact that it definitely helps a ton when it comes to protection.

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