10 Frequently Asked Questions about Window Tinting

By admin on May 27, 2019

So to help you decide, allow us, Infratint, to answer some of the most-asked questions regarding the residential or commercial window film.

In order to be certain about things, questions need to be asked. That way, you can gather all the important details you need, which, in turn, can contribute to the decision you will make. And when it comes to window tinting, the same thing applies. Whether you’re new or already familiar with the term, you definitely have a bunch of questions about window film in Singapore that are waiting to be answered. So to help you decide, allow us, Infratint, to answer some of the most-asked questions regarding the residential or commercial window film.

1. What is window film?

Window film is usually a Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET) made film, which is applied to the interior surface of a glass window. This kind of film is perfect for the windows in your home, car, commercial building, and boat. It comes in various types which you can choose from according to your preference. At Infratint, there are four different types of solar window films made through extensive research and development: dyed, hybrid, sputter, and ceramic.

2. Are there laws about residential window tint?

No, there aren’t any laws or regulations with regards to getting your residential windows tinted, which means you can have any shade of window film you want.

3. Is it expensive to get a window tint service?

This actually depends on many factors including the type and quality of the film you wish to install to your glass window. Though there may be a lot of companies offering residential or commercial window film at a low cost, it is important to consider whether the provider is credible in giving quality window films since not all affordable are the best, same as to not all quality films mean a high price. Nevertheless, it can be concluded that getting a window tint service is comes at reasonable prices.

4. Is it needed to hire a professional to install a window film?

Installing residential or commercial window film can only take about 15 minutes or so. While it may seem easy that you can even do the job (which you can actually can), yet it is still advisable not to and better hire professional to do it instead. In case you will ask why, it is because even the smallest error or issue, which you can encounter while getting the window tinting job done, could result in a bigger problem.

5. Where does window tint get installed: on the inside or outside of the window?

Since window film can be damaged from wind, rain, debris, and other hazards when installing on the outside of the window, it is then commonly applied on the inside of your glass window. In that way, it can be protected from the potential damages, may it be due to human error (like scratches) or natural circumstances.

6. Is it okay to clean the home’s window once the tinting film is applied?

While some believe that a tinted window can no longer, the truth is it is possible as long as non-abrasive cleaning detergent, a soft cloth, and warm, soapy water are to be used. Another thing to take note before you could clean your windows like you usually do before you have a tinting film is to wait for the tint to cure, which can take about 72 hours.

7. When is the best time to have a tinting film applied to your windows?

Whatever the weather is ─ wet or dry ─ films can be applied to your window, thanks to the modern adhesive systems most window tinting products have. On the other, the curing time may vary drastically depending on the weather condition.
When curing, it is important to take note that seeing some bubbles, haze, streaks, and another visual defect that can be during the process is a common thing.

8. How long will the window film last?

Since there are various types of window films offered in Singapore, as well as people have different preferences in choosing tint solution, it’s lifespan may depending on these factors. In addition, the aftercare for residential window film is also one of the factors.

9. What are the different types of film offered at Infratint?

There is a wide selection of window films offered in the market: solar window film, ceramic window film, privacy film, and safety and security window film, UV blocking window film, and decorative window film. But if what you’re looking for is something that can give your home a touch of artistry, decorative films are great. As a matter of fact, Infratint has different types of decorative film to choose from:

  • Simglas Series: helps retain the natural look of the glass.
  • Rice Paper Designs: perfect for the bathroom use, which is available in different colors and patterns.
  • Frosted Window Film: the most cost-saving type of decorative window film.
  • Pattern Films: offer designs, shapes, and shades of window film perfect for either your residential or commercial glass.

10. What are the benefits of window film?

In order to convince yourself whether to install residential or commercial window film, knowing its benefits is vital. So here are the benefits you can get and enjoy:

  • It saves energy consumption provided the fact that acts as a protection against heat or cold, which in turn, reduces the use of heater and air conditioning system at home.
  • It significantly reduces the glare on your television or computer.
  • It brightens up the interior of your abode or commercial buildings as there is no need for curtains or blinds.
  • It offers an additional layer of security at home.
  • It gives protection to the interior of your abode.

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