10 Tips to Having the Most of Your Summer Road Trip

By admin on May 13, 2019

Apart from making your vehicle look and feel cool, it also acts as a car UV protection as it rejects up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Summer is not just about being excited to bask on the beach, have a barbecue party with your family or friends, or lying all day on the comfort of your bed because that time of the year is also ideal for a road trip! Actually, some just love going on a road trip even if it is not summer yet, but if you want to have a longer trip with your favorite people, doing it during summer is indeed a great idea.

However, although road trips are expected to be fun, there are just some things that can ruin the things that you’ve planned, like when the vehicle suddenly breaks down while you’re on the middle of the trip. Isn’t that frustrating? That is why, apart from getting yourself ready, it is better to prepare the car you will be using days before the trip as well, in order to execute a smooth road trip.

With that, here are some of the road trip tips you may want to include in your checklist.

1. Check the car oil level
Not because you’re going on a road trip does not mean you should change your car’s oil, especially if you own a modern car in which the engine is devised to work in a wide range of temperatures and weather condition without needing to switch to a heavier oil. However, changing the oil depends on the car performance; assess if your car has been 3 months or if the vehicle has run 5000 miles. If yes, then it’s time to grease up.

Also, since the oil is food for cars, it is recommended to check the oil level from time to time and top it off when needed. Another thing, you don’t have to wait for a warning light before you check your engine’s lubrication.

2. Protect your engine
When did you have your last tune-up? Has it been quite a while? If you can’t remember when it is a sign that you should consider getting a tune-up before your scheduled summer road trip. In case you don’t know this yet, a tune-up is essential if you want your car to perform at the highest level; having it done can make a great impact on your road trip.

3. Inspect your coolant system
During summer, there is a high tendency that your car engine may overheat, which can cause trouble not only to the vehicle but also to the passengers. Given that, the cooling system plays an important role than just keeping you comfortable during the hot months ─ it keeps the engine cool. That is why it is essential to check the coolant levels, especially during summer. In doing so, here are some things you should do:

– Make sure the radiator is cool.
– Ensure there are no cracks and leaks on the radiator and coolant hoses.
– Only add coolant when the reservoir level hit below the halfway mark; make sure you are using 50% antifreeze and 50% water or a pre-diluted blend. NEVER add 100 % antifreeze to the coolant system.

4. Protect your car’s paint and body
When on a road trip, there are many things that you can’t avoid, which can make damages to your car’s exterior body. Your car may have some dents due to bouncing rocks or hitting on hard or sharp objects. You can’t also spare your car to be covered with dust and dirt. Although the mentioned possibilities are considered inevitable, there are some things you can do to prevent your car and paint from such damages. It includes getting a protective film, which helps save your paint from scratches and stains.

5. Make sure your tires are in good shape
Your car can’t go far unless the tires are in good condition. By that, it means checking for the wear and tear; make sure that the tires aren’t worn down yet. It is important to note that your threads need to be deep enough for proper traction, if the thread is worn down, it is better to either change it or rotate the tires. Maintaining the tire pressure also contributes to the level of performance of your car; might as well check the car’s manual for the suggested pressure.

6. Replace your engine drive belt if needed
Just like the car tires, the engine drive belt also wears out over time. In case you miss out checking its condition, and it happened to be not, your vehicle will need to be towed ─ which can ruin your trip. That is why in order to not spoil a fun road trip; better have it checked by a mechanic whether it has some wears or cracks in order to replace it just before the trip.

7. Check your lights and electrical equipment
If you’re going on a long trip, chances are you will be traveling before the sun is up or will get to your destination when the sun is out. In a case like this, your horns, as well as the headlights and taillights need to be well-functioning. It is also recommended to have a spare headlight bulb just in case one burns out while you’re on the road.

8. Check your battery
While the average car battery can last up to 5-7 years, there are some batteries that need to be replaced every 3 years. If you own an old model of car, there is a tendency that the battery is old too. If your vehicle shows signs like slow cranking, headlights getting dim at idle or acid leaks, it only means your car’s battery is weak and has to be replaced before the trip. If you’re not sure about whether to get a new one, might as well drop by a car repair shop near your place that offers a complimentary battery test.

9. Check the air conditioning system
Though Singapore is one of the tropical countries where it feels like summer most of the time, the actual summertime still is different; expect it to be a little hotter than the usual days. In order to keep the fun rolling despite the hot weather, having a car with a well-functioning air conditioning system is a must. Not only it keeps the inside of the car cool but also removes the humidity. So if you notice that the air conditioning is not as cold as it was before, might as well have it checked to see whether there are leaks or if it needs to be recharged with refrigerant.

10. Get your car windows tinted
Although air conditioning system might seem to be just enough to keep a comfortable temperature inside the car, there are still chance for the pesky sunlight to sneak in through the windows. In this point, we recommend car window tinting in Singapore. Apart from making your vehicle look and feel cool, it also acts as a car UV protection as it rejects up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. Not to mention that it also saves fuel consumption since it helps control the temperature without relying too much on the use of the air conditioning system.

If you’re looking for the best car solar film in Singapore, Infratint offers an array of films that can suit your needs and your car’s. For more details, you can reach us via our customer service hotline 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.


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