3 Ways to Protect Your Car from Rain Damage

By admin on July 29, 2019

It is no doubt how automotive window films can make your car look cool compared to non-tinted autos.

It is no doubt how automotive window films can make your car look cool compared to non-tinted autos. But that is not the lone purpose why you should consider car window tinting ─ its range of long-term benefits will definitely give you the urge to mull over tinting your car. One of which is the protection it gives during a downpour. Yes, it is not just useful in blocking off a large amount of the harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as the strong glare from the sunrays, because it does more than that.

In a tropical country like Singapore, which feels like summertime all year round, the heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays of the sun are not the only problems car owners face most of the time. Though it is absolutely a fact that those can ruin both the exterior and interior of the car and even put the health of the people inside the car at stake, it is also important to know that even the rain can do harm to your well-kept possession.

Since it is an innate characteristic for the most car owner to take necessary measures in keeping their investment secure against all the possible harm, including the bad weather, here are some ways to protect your car from rain damage.

1. Get rid of water marks by washing your car regularly.

While there are some who do almost everything just to keep their car as good looking as it was on the first day they had it, we can’t set aside the fact that others only show enthusiasm on their car just on the beginning. This kind of attitude is one of the primary reasons why, for example, some simple water marks can turn into a serious problem. And this could happen when you don’t regularly wash your auto. As a car owner, it is crucial to be committed to regularly cleaning your vehicle, most especially if you have driven it during the rainy season.
Driving your car under the pouring rain can leave water marks once the water evaporates. These marks can leave behind dirt and other minerals which in return can affect the shine from your car’s paint.

2. Maintain your car’s shine with automotive wax.

Aside from regular washing, applying wax on the coat of your vehicle can help maintain its shiny look. Although you might come across several stores offering their own best wax, it is important to be cautious in picking for the premium paste wax. Remember that while some kind of wax has the ability to add an extra layer of protection, choosing the finest wax (which can cost usually higher than others) holds the long-lasting effect.

3. Protect it with a film.

Aside from the two mentioned tips, this one is considered as the ultimate safeguard from harsh rain. As a matter of fact, this alone can give multiple benefits including removing water marks that your car can get during rainy days. Another notable and long-term profit of car window tinting is the protection it provides should there be debris flying around that might cause the glass to break. With the strong and nearly undetectable urethane widow film has, plus the fact that it is installed by a professional, rest assured that the glass won’t be easily shuttered, nor will have scratch marks.

Safeguard your ride during the rainy season by means of getting a professionally installed window film in Singapore. And by this, Infratint can be your partner! You can reach us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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