4 Effective Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills

By admin on July 16, 2019

When it comes to a heat resistant window tint, a ceramic window film is the best choice of window film that can absolutely help in fighting the heat

Although summertime is a truly anticipated time of the year by many, especially those who love going to the beach, we can’t set aside the fact that the increasing mercury level experienced during this time can give headaches to most homeowners. The need to fight the scorching heat of the sun beckons a growing electricity bill, given that you will be resorting to the use of the air conditioning system all throughout the day. Though this seems to be a common scenario in countries with tropical weather, such as Singapore, there are some ways you may not know that can actually help in lowering the energy bills.

With that, here are some ways you may want to consider.

1. Change your old appliances

Replacing old appliances at home may seem expensive, but what some don’t know is the amount of money you can save on energy bills will surely compensate what you have let out of your pocket in purchasing new electronic devices for your home. This is because most of the new models of appliances released these days are energy efficient. One of the best examples is the new front-loading washing machine which only 50% less water and 37% less energy.

If some of your appliances at home is a bit old, it would be better to have them replaced, at least one at a time.

2. Get a new refrigerator

If the refrigerator you are using today is the same refrigerator your family has about almost a decade ago, then it only means two things: you are very cautious in terms of maintaining an appliance and/or you are dealing with high electricity consumption every month. Little do you know that old models of refrigerators not only do consume more energy but also contains chlorofluorocarbons which remarkably delay the closure of the earth’s ozone layer. Which is why switching to a new model is a smart choice provided that refrigerators have significantly improved in energy efficiency in recent years. Although this may mean a quite big initial investment, it can be a long-term saving.

3. Replace your hot water heater

You may not know this but your water heaters use up to 25% of all appliance energy consumed in your home. Thanks to the new advancements in energy efficiency that made water heaters to drastically improved. By replacing your hot water heater at home with a newer, more energy-efficient gas storage water heater, you can save up to 30% on water heater consumption every year. There is also a tankless or gas condensing water heater which can help in saving up to a hundred bucks per year on your energy bill.

4. Install a heat resistant window tint

Despite the fact that window blinds and curtains somehow help in reducing the heat of the sun from entering through the window, these block your view of the outside. With regards to this, there’s the least thought yet is the best way to save money on energy bills ─ installing residential window films.

When it comes to a heat resistant window tint, a ceramic window film is the best choice of window film that can absolutely help in fighting the heat that penetrates inside the house. This type of window film can help in blocking around 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun while obstructing up to 90% of the infrared lights that sneak into the windows.

Considering that more than one-fourth of all energy used to cool homes escapes through the windows, installing a window film can potentially save you money on energy bills.
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