4 Ways to Spot Poor Quality Car Window Tint

By admin on April 29, 2019

When talking about protecting yourself against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, getting car window tinting service is absolutely a great idea!

If you live in a country wherein most months feels like summer, Singapore for example, then you might be one of those people who think of ways on how to fight the scorching heat, right? Staying at home may seem to be a great idea but, let us face it, no matter how bad you want to just be inside the comfort of your abode, you still need to go out for work, school, or when running some important errands. In cases like these, where you will be using your car from going from place A to B, are also the times when you wish to have a car UV protection.

When talking about protecting yourself against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, getting car window tinting service is absolutely a great idea! It significantly enhances and balances the temperature inside the car, home, or even boat. That is why its demand has been increasing, and one of the proofs is the growing number of tinted vehicles that you can see on the road every single day. In case you are looking for an automotive film that can provide optimum protection for your vehicle against the detrimental UV rays, as well as with up to 80% infrared rays reduction, Infratint has Infra-Platinum Series you should include in your list of window film providers in Singapore.

On the other hand, being watchful on the quality of car window film is a must, for while there are companies who claim to provide the high-quality automotive film in Singapore, there are also some which aren’t. But how can you be sure whether you’ve chosen the best? To answer that, here are some ways as to how you can spot a poor quality window tint.

1. Discoloration
If there’s one color that you should become worried about when it comes to car window film, it is purple. No matter how much you love that color, if you’ve noticed your automotive film has turned purple, one thing is for sure: the tint has faded degraded over time. Also, it beckons very low quality of materials are used making the film. Remember that car window film should be constant in shade like when you have it installed.

2. Presence of bubbles
The same with how you don’t want to see bubbles between your phone screen and its tempered glass, bubbles trapped in the tint of your car window never look amazing. As a matter of fact, it is actually a sign of a substandard automotive film. Take in mind that tints are supposed to have a smooth surface area all over and clearly defined edges.

3. It starts to peel off
Once applied, window tint should not be easily removed, because if it does or when the film has started the peel off, especially on the edges, after around a couple of weeks after the installation, it seems you got a bad window tinting job.
In line with this, be guided to not roll down the windows until the tints have totally set, which can usually take a few couples of days, to avoid peeling from occurring.

4. Fiber or debris sandwiched between the tint and the window
Who would want to see tiny fibers, a strand of hair, or debris stuck in between the tint and the window? Well, this tends to happen when the installer of car window film skipped the process of carefully cleaning the glass. In order to make sure you’ve found the best automotive film provider in your own definition, then the one(s) in charge of installing the tint should use a cloth that is free of lint.

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