5 Gift Ideas for Your Car-Loving Dad this Father’s Day

By admin on June 12, 2019

Aside from the good looks a car can get from automotive window films, it also offers a variety of advantages like protection from the harmful UV rays

With all the sacrifices, effort, love, and care every father has given ─ and is still giving ─ to their children, commemorating the second Sunday of June as a special day for all the fathers, and even for father-figures, are more than enough to give back to them. But to make the celebration more memorable, preparing a special present for your cool, amazing, and hardworking dad is truly a great idea. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your father (who happen to be a car lover), here are some best present ideas that can put a smile on their face.

1. Collision Avoidance Camera

Protect your dad from possible accidents while he is on the way to work, business trip and/or family road trip by giving him an extra set of eyes. By that, we mean giving something that can help monitor the surroundings and give warns in case there’s something coming a bit close to his car ─ a collision avoidance camera. This innovative device can be installed on the dashboards of the car.

With this gift, you are not only helping him upgrade the look of their four-wheel possession but also showing them your love and care.

2. Text Block Device

Trying to reply to a text message or answering a phone call while you are behind the steering wheel is a form of distractive driving, which could lead to injuries ─ or worst death. Since keeping your beloved ones safe, your dad, in particular, a text block device can act as a protector from possible unfortunate situations caused by operating mobile phones and other devices while driving.

In order not to regret later about the consequences of keeping sight off the road even for a few seconds just to pick up or use a mobile phone, this device makes one of the perfect Father’s Day gift idea.

3. Bluetooth Systems

Whether you have a type of dad who loves navigating the road with the company of good music (well who doesn’t like this anyway) or a father is always on a phone call, giving him a Bluetooth system as a gift on their (fathers) special day would definitely delight his heart! Installing a Bluetooth system in his car will not only allow him to set up the music he prefers to listen even before hopping inside the car but also lets him take phone calls even without having to hold the phone directly; thus, keeping him from distractive driving.

4. Remote Car Starter

Since Singapore is one of the countries known for having an almost all-year-round summer, parking a car under the broad sunlight even just for a few seconds can increase the temperature inside the vehicle. In order to save your dad from the pesky heat, he might feel once he hops back inside the car, giving him a remote car starter this Father’s Day is perfect. With this tool, he would be able to set up the ideal temperature in his car ahead of time, without having to wait for a couple of minutes before heading the road.

5. Automotive Window Films

The fact that owning a car in Singapore is not a joke, for it requires a hefty amount of money, investing in something that can be beneficial for the vehicle is a smart idea. Speaking of, getting a car window tinting job for your dad’s precious auto is a way to show him your love and care. Aside from the good looks a car can get from automotive window films, it also offers a variety of advantages like protection from the harmful UV rays, extra security, increase in privacy, thermal comfort and a lot more.

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