5 Great Gift Ideas Perfect for Car Guys

By admin on March 18, 2019

In case that guy person is fascinated with cars, you are on the right page as we will be listing down some perfect gift ideas for car guys!

The idea of giving a present to your significant other, friend or family may sound exciting; however, thinking of the best gift is a different story. Whether you’re planning about giving your special someone a post-Valentine gift or thinking in advance about what to give to your loved ones to the coming special occasion, there will always be this one guy who’ll find too hard to please when it comes to presents.
In case that guy person is fascinated with cars, you are on the right page as we will be listing down some perfect gift ideas for car guys!

1. Car Wash Bucket Kit
Since car enthusiasts treat the four-wheeled vehicle as their baby, then it would surely be a great idea to help their vehicle look clean and new by giving them a bucket of new car wash equipment! This cleaning bucket kit usually consists of a variety of soaps, a soft wash mitt, buffing cloths, wax, and wheel and rim cleaner. Whether you’ve given them a car cleaning bucket brand different from what they’re using, they will still be impressed.

2. Customized Leather Keychain
This gift idea, though it may seem a usual present, is sure to put a curve on a car guy’s lips. What makes this gift kind of different from the common keychain sold in various stores? It is customized to whatever you want! There’s a high chance that the person you’ll about to give this leather key holder will feel special. Because why not? You have put effort and creativity in this thing!

3. Leather Car Seat Protector
If you notice your car guy’s seat cover is a bit worn out, perhaps giving him a leather car seat protector as a gift can make him definitely happy! But in order to execute your plan well, it is crucial to get the right lengths and the exact make and model of the car, to make the leather protector will fit on your enthusiast’s car seat.

4. Naturally Activated Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Freshener
No one would want to be in a car with a smelly interior. To help your car guy maintain the refreshing air inside their possessions is to give them a car air freshener which can absolutely kick off the bad odor. By this, we mean wrapping around a naturally activated bamboo charcoal car air freshener! Another good thing about this present is the fact that it can last not only for a couple of months but for a couple of years!

5. Car Window Tint
Does your car guy already have the mentioned gifts? Why not give him the greatest gift ever like automotive window films? This type of gift can do more than just making the car look more stylish. Car window tinting actually gives the driver and the passengers extra privacy, protects them against the detrimental UVA and UVB rays of the sun, whilst it safeguards the car’s interiors and other possessions inside the car.
If you are to look give this present, it is important to look for the trusted provider of car window tinting in Singapore. Since window tinting seems to be a necessity these days, you may come across companies offering different window films, including ceramic window, safety and security window film, decorative window film, UV blocking window film, solar window film, and etc. In order to know how each window film works, you can either do your own research. But if you need an expert to give you quotes about car window films can fit the likes and needs of your car enthusiast, Infratint can walk you through.


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