5 Ways School Window Film Helps in Keeping Students Safe

By admin on October 21, 2019

The good thing about the window film, whether it’s a residential or commercial window film, is the fact that it provides instant protection once the film is applied onto the window glass.

It is a known fact that a school is a place for honing the knowledge and skills of students. That is why every school makes sure to provide the best quality of education in order to guarantee parents that they are taking their kids to the right education center. But aside from serving as an excellent learning center for students, it is also important to assure that the place where parents send their children is a safe place.

Due to bomb threats, school shootings and other violent acts that are reported from schools, it is high time for education personnel to make necessary improvements to school safety and security. In line with this, installing window film is one of the genius ways to upgrade the safety of students, as well as the school staff. One of the main reasons why is due to the fact that windows can imperil the security at school as it can become an entry point for people (with bad motives) who would want to enter the school property.

But how installing a window film can contribute to enhancing the safety of students? Let that be answered by some of the benefits listed below.

1. It gives protection from flying glass

A normal glass window is susceptible to being broken should there be flying debris or a tree branch that will onto the glass ─ regardless of the fact that it is intentional or not. Once the glass window has cracks, there’s a tendency that the shards can cause injury to students and other school personnel. But by installing window film, which uses a mounting solution that thoroughly glues the entire surface of the glass, students can be prevented from getting hurt or injured from flying glass.

2. It provides 24/7 protection

The good thing about the window film, whether it’s a residential or commercial window film, is the fact that it provides instant protection once the film is applied onto the window glass. In addition to posting security personnel around the school premises, installing window film is guaranteed to fortify the safety and security of students as it works around the clock. One more thing to take note of window film is it doesn’t need a power supply to be functional. Thus, regardless that the electricity suddenly shuts down, the protection that the window film gives won’t be cut off.

3. It safeguards students against the damaging sun rays

Aside from dire people who will try to enter school premises, the sun can also be a threat to students’ safety. Considering the well-known fact that the sun is the primary source of the ultra-violet rays, in which over-exposure to this kind of sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer, installing a heat resistant window film onto the windows of school buildings is a great way to protect the students. It is important to note that a normal glass can’t guarantee complete protection against the harmful rays of the sun but a glass with window film can effectively filter out solar and UV rays.

4. It makes a great shield from extreme weather

Extreme storms can’t be prevented, even with the help of the advancement of technology. For schools, extreme weather can really be bad news provided that it not only shatters windows and cause glass shards to fly but it can also lead to injury to the students once the flying debris from outside enters through the broken windows. Good thing, this bad possibilities can be prevented by getting help from one of the best providers of window films in Singapore.

5. It aids in temperature control

In Singapore, extremely hot and sunny weather can be experienced at most times of the year. Given that there not all classrooms in schools have an air conditioning system, just imagine the destruction that the hot temperature can cause to the students. By installing a heat resistant solar window tint, this problem can be addressed as it uses advanced technology to absorb and reflect light. Thus, provides a controlled temperature inside the room that is ideal for students. With the cooling effect brought by the use of window film, the school can significantly reduce the electricity bill in the long run.

  • xAside from the mentioned benefits, there are other reasons as to why professionally installed window film becomes a great investment:
  • It allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the outside with peace of mind, which is in contrast to what some know that window films block the view due to its dark shade.
  • It protects the glass window from being damaged. This is due to the fact that the window does not easily become prone to scratches.
  • It prolongs the lifespan of furniture and other interior stuff. Provided that window film has the ability to reject sun’s rays which can not only be damaging to the skin but to furniture and other stuff too, the wear and tear of your valuables can be prevented.
  • It adds style and decorative touches, thus make your space look more appealing.

Should you want to get and keep your school a safe place for students, installing a window film is the best option! Get quotations about the best window film in Singapore with Infratint. You may reach us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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