5 Ways Window Films Can Improve School Security and Student Safety

By admin on August 19, 2019

Instead of allotting money on installing tempered glass windows, opting commercial window film is a better plan, not to mention that this costs less compared to most security upgrades.

Next to a home, the school is a place where people ─ kids, teen, and adult ─ learn and explore new things. This may sound cliché, given that it is often heard, but the school serves as a second home, which is why aside from providing quality education, safety and security should also be one of the top things that need to be prioritized. Admittedly, school security is a critical topic of concern, considering that schools are only allotted a certain budget each year for making improvements and upgrades. Not to mention that it is indeed challenging for schools to balance academic, professionals, property, and other budgetary concern.

When it comes to improving school security and student safety, there is one perfect solution that can cater both ─ getting help from one of the best providers of window film in Singapore!

Here are how window film benefits a school’s safety and security without the fear of overspending!

1. Adverts injuries from a broken glass window

Glass window can be broken under many circumstances, including accidentally hitting of sharp objects or flying debris brought by strong winds. This being said, the safety of students, as well as the school personnel, can be put at risk, given that glass can easily break apart and fly at high speeds or scattered on the ground. But with window film, the glass can stay connected and intact, thus alleviating hazards from shattered glass.

2. Gives protection against damaging rays

Although students spend most of their school time inside the four corners of the classroom, they are not totally free from the threat caused by the damaging ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. While windows can be able to filter out the UVB rays which cause sunburn, the windows alone can’t filter out detrimental UVA rays which cause long term skin damage. In this point, ceramic window film makes a worthy investment for schools, as this kind of window film has the ability to reject up to 99.9% of the destructive UVA and UVB rays.

3. Strengthens weak points from intruders

While it is true that posting some security officials to guard the premises of the school helps when it comes to security, intruders can still break-in. And with that, glass doors and windows become an easy way to get inside, given that these are considered the weakest points of a building. The good thing is this issue can be effectively addressed through the installation of window film, which holds the glass together, therefore deterring anyone who is trying to break in and enter the school.

4. Gives more time for the response team

Due to the fact that window film holds the glass together, which keeps the intruders from easily breaking in and entering the building, the response team will have more time to get to the scene. In addition, they will be able to catch the burglars before they enter the building or escape.

5. Costs less than to most security upgrades

Admit it or not, enhancing security and safety at school can require a hefty amount of money. Given the limited budget given to a school, increasing school safety and security seems to be a bit challenging. Instead of allotting money on installing tempered glass windows, opting commercial window film is a better plan, not to mention that this costs less compared to most security upgrades. In addition, the amount of money invested in window films will be given back in as little as three years ─ provided the money that can be saved on energy consumption.

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