7 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Car Window Tinting

By admin on November 18, 2019

Cars with window film look better and this is a fact you can’t deny. That is why vehicle window tinting has been becoming a necessity over just a form of luxury these days.

Cars with window film look better and this is a fact you can’t deny. That is why vehicle window tinting has been becoming a necessity over just a form of luxury these days. But car tinting isn’t just something that you can decide easily, as a matter of fact, it needs to be thought of carefully in order to make sure you are getting what your car deserves to get.

With this, you need to start asking questions to determine and verify the things that are essential in window tinting. Here are some:

1. Which window tint is right for me?

Getting the best window tint actually depends on whatever benefits you (as a car owner) want for your vehicle. Hence there is a range of automotive films offered by various companies of car tinting in Singapore.

If you want to get a car UV protection, you might want to check out which tint has an excellent capability when it comes to reducing the number of ultraviolet rays penetrating through your car windows.

2. How dark can the window tint be?

Automotive window film comes in different shades of darkness. However, choosing how dark your windows can be must be in accordance with what your state requires you to. It is important to remember that every state has its own standards when it comes to the degree of darkness of each window. You would not want to get a ticket just because you don’t follow the required darkness of window film, right? So, better make sure to pick the shade within regulations.

3. Does it cost a fortune?

Some might have the impression that window film is only for those rich and famous individuals, thinking that it requires a lot of money. What some people don’t know is car tinting is not prohibitively expensive. As a matter of fact, you can even go for higher-end brands without breaking the bank. Just be dedicated and patient on looking for the trusted providers of automotive window film in Singapore.

4. Does the tint come with a warranty?

Most quality products come with a warranty, so if a certain company offers an unwarranted window tint you should start being skeptical. Not only does buying a window film with warranty guarantees to cover you for faulty materials but it also beckons that the tint comes of high-quality.

5. How long will the window tint last?

There are many factors that affect the durability of your car window film, including the product type and quality, the climate, how it is installed, and the amount of sunlight your car is exposed to. If you want to ensure you will be getting enjoy your automotive window film for a longer time, then don’t hesitate to go for high-quality tinting which comes with scratch and shatter-resistant coating. This is especially recommended if you often travel with your kids and/or pets. One more thing, although window film can be done by just yourself, it is still important to get a professional vehicle window tinting in Singapore ─ to make sure it is properly installed.

6. How long will a car window tinting job take?

It depends on how many windows are being tinted. Basically, the process can take anywhere between 45 minutes to a few hours.

7. What are the benefits of car window tinting?

Vehicle window tinting is more than just making your car look badass, in fact, it can come with a variety of benefits.

  • Protects you from the destructive UV rays of the sun. The sun is the primary source of ultraviolet rays, which can be really harmful to the skin. Driving under the broad sunlight with a car that has just a normal glass window does not give you a guarantee against the sun’s wrath. But with automotive window film, you can get a car UV protection.
  • Keeps s comfortable temperature inside the car. Just the idea that the sun’s beam penetrates through the regular car window can already make you and the ones you are with inside feel uncomfortable. Unless you set your car’s air conditioning system to a high level, which can mean consuming more energy. In order to avoid this, better consider getting your car tinted. The initial price is not much as compared to the amount that you can save on fuel consumption.
  • Protects your car’s interior. Aside from your skin, your car’s interior also becomes at risk due to the heat and UV rays that sneak through your windows. The good thing is it can never be an issue with window film!
  • Betters privacy. Being on the road, especially if you are forced to stop due to the heavy traffic, can make you feel uncomfortable by the stares the motorists and pedestrians are throwing at you. But if your car is tinted, you can be able to get the privacy level you want, since they can barely see the inside of your car.
  • Makes driving safer. There are many factors that can cause danger while you’re driving; these include the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays. By getting the right automotive window film, which has the ability to obstruct these harms from penetrating through your car window, safer driving is possible.

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