7 Window Decoration Ideas to Consider before Christmas

By admin on December 23, 2019

Christmas is indeed just around the corner! However, it seems like your home is not yet ready for the holiday? If you are one of those busy individuals who can’t spare time to decorate your abode for the festive season, you still have time left to prepare your home and make it stand out before Christmas finally comes!

When it comes to dressing your home for Christmas time, you can start it by decorating your window. Little do some people know that putting up even a simple adornment to the windows is enough to turn your abode into an inviting place for family, friends, and relatives this Christmas!

Here are some window decoration ideas you may want to consider to feel the spirit of Christmas even more!

1. Christmas Lights

Of course, Christmas would definitely be boring without the Christmas lights! Although it is mostly used to illuminate the Christmas tree or the real plants and trees outside your house, you can also make use of those small light bulbs to bring life to your boring windows!

2. Wreaths

If you want to show off (to your neighborhood) that you are in the holiday spirit and, at the same time, want to make your abode feel and look fresh and festive, putting on a line of wreaths on your windows is a great way to start with.

3. Vintage Linens

Drapes and blinds are undoubtedly helpful for everyday use as it helps block the excessive heat and sunlight from entering inside your home, but keeping it until the Christmas season does not seem to be a very good idea. Level up your window by replacing them with vintage linens! This idea is perfect for those who have an older and aged linens, which they probably inherited from their grandmother or mother and were kept in the box for quite some time now. Time to show them off this Christmas time! You will surely be surprised by how it can make a total difference on your windows, and your home in general.

4. Garlands

Some might think that putting garlands on the window is a little boring and ordinary, but it is a great and easy way to give life to your everyday windows. Indeed, it is better than not having any decors on your windows at all. Isn’t it? To make it more festive, try adding and ribbons and bows on it.

5. Window Clings

Window clings are not only easy to put on before the Christmas time and hassle-free to remove once the festivity is through because it is also a great way to involve the kids — if you have any — while giving a festive look to your boring windows!

6. Window Stockings

Who says window stockings are only perfect to hang on a fireplace or mantle? Even if you don’t have either of them, you can still be able to feel the spirit of Christmas by hanging your stockings along the window frames.

7. Window film

If you are the type of person who wants to keep a minimalist Christmas look to your home, installing residential window films is a great way to achieve it. In addition to the ceramic window film, which you might often hear in some window tinting companies, a decorative window film provides the look of frosted, etched or stained glass without the need to replace a window. Not only does it increase your home’s beauty and privacy, but it can also help block some light.

Opting a window tinting job is not only applicable for those who want to upgrade the look of their home this holiday season but also ideal for businesses. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial window film, Infratint guarantees high-quality window film in Singapore! You may contact us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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