8 Reasons Automotive Window Film Isn’t Just About the Look

By admin on May 20, 2019

One might assume this is exaggerated, so try observing the vehicles on the road and compare two cars: one with an automotive window film and one without.

It is no debate that cars with tinted windows look more appealing than other vehicles which don’t have. One might assume this is exaggerated, so try observing the vehicles on the road and compare two cars: one with an automotive window film and one without. Whether you admit it or not, the tinted vehicle dark window seemed to be more stylish and has a sense of mystique.

But if you think that’s the only perk you can get in tinting your car’s windows, you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, offers more benefits than just aesthetics. So do not look surprised why window film has become in demand that car owners are actually investing in a high-quality tint for their cars.

Here are some of the benefits that might give you the urge to consider getting an automotive window film.

1. It protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays

Some might believe that a windscreen of the vehicle is more than enough to give you protection from the sun and getting a window tinting service is just a waste of money. While windscreen glass is treated in a way to help block the detrimental ultraviolet rays from penetrating inside the car, it is important to understand that it does not completely reject the long and deeply penetrating UVA rays.

Considering that you have to deal with the detrimental UV rays, there is a high risk of developing skin cancer. Yes, driving under the scorching heat will not only give you a so-called driver’s tan, which makes the left side of your upper-upper body to be darker; it happens whether the window is down or up. But that can be avoided through installing an automotive film as it gives a car UV protection. The good thing is there are lots of excellent window films offered in the market, one is Infratint’s Infra-Smoke Series, which gives up to 20% IR reduction and blocks up to 99% UV radiation.

2. It reduces heat and glare

Aside from awful vehicles operated by reckless drivers, the other driver’s enemy is the heat and glare from the sun. Just imagine yourself being inside in a car with a pesky temperature and glare issue; can you focus if that’s the situation? But by installing a premium car solar film in Singapore, you will neither be bothered by the pesky heat nor the distracting glare (which in worst cases can cause accidents) while you are driving.

3. It improves privacy

Isn’t it annoying when people peek in your privacy while you’re inside a car? However, considering you are on the road or your car is parked in a public place, you only have very limited privacy. Hence, adding an automotive window film is indeed helpful. With your windows tinted, you can have the low profile you wanted, plus the fact that you can drive around the town without getting your privacy invaded.

4. It has a shatterproof effect

There is a lot of perils when you’re on the road; whether you like it or not, you might get involved in an accident at some point in time. It may be due to the other driver’s negligence or you being at fault. In case this happens, damage or injury is expected to take place. If the impact is strong, it might cause windows to shatter, which can be serious and painful once the splinters of glass penetrate your skin. This can be avoided by tinting the windows of your car as it holds up the glass in cases like when an object hit your window or you get in a collision.

5. It adds safety and security

People breaking into cars are not common these days. It is because thieves are enticed with vehicles that they can see into. In order to spare your car from such, one of the best ways to deter them from breaking in is by having darker windows. With this, you can leave your valuables inside your car without being worried about getting them stolen.

6. It keeps the windows scratch-free

Every car owner fears of having the windows of their vehicle scratched ─ may it be intentional or not. There are some cases when you will be surprised about the nicks on your car windows after leaving in a parking lot. But by getting a window tinting job from a trusted automotive film provider, incidents like this can be avoided.

When it comes to a shatter-proof window film, Infratint offers a range of tint solution that is not only good in rejecting UV radiation and IR reduction but acts as both scratch and shatter resistant as well.

7. It reduces driver fatigue

It is uncomfortable and truly irritating to drive with the glare of the sun in your eyes. Not to mention the pesky feeling you can get when the heat penetrates through the windows of your vehicle. The worst thing is it can cause excessive squinting and can lead to fatigue. However, you can save yourself from experience these, and instead, have a more relaxed driving with the help of window film!

8. It saves on energy consumption

In order to keep a comfortable temperature inside the car while driving, a car’s cooling system plays a vital role. But the more you rely on your car’s air conditioning, the more energy it requires. On the other hand, there are films that are capable of high heat absorption, like our Infra-Platinum and Infra-Platinum99 series. Choosing these kinds of window films can help you save on energy consumption given that they are made with highly durable material and have excellent clarity and superior heat reduction qualities.

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