8 Right Ways to Get Your Car Window Tint Done that Will Save You from Window Film Nightmares

By admin on January 14, 2019

Nowadays, car window tinting is like having a cellular phone; only a few automobiles do not have yet, but surely the owners

Nowadays, car window tinting is like having a cellular phone; only a few automobiles do not have yet, but surely the owners are considering having car tint soon.

Albeit there are a lot of things an individual can do by himself, it doesn’t go the same way when it comes to car tint, as a matter of fact, you would need the help of a professional in order to install it the right way. With this, Infratint can be to the rescue, just in case you are looking for a provider of the best automotive window film in Singapore.

Since the car is a means of transportation which is used for both work and leisure, it will deal with the heat of the sun at the most time. The tendency, its driver and other passengers will have to bear the heat coming from the sun while on the road, but it will be lessened if your car is tinted. At this point, you should also seek for the best solar window film in Singapore, which will block a huge amount of heat from penetrating through your car windows.

However, you will be still giving yourself headaches when it is not properly installed as there will be bubbles (which look bad on your windows) plus, it will be hard to remove. That is why we are giving you some tips and tricks in order to save yourself from a nightmare when it comes to car window film.

1. It would be best to see the best car they have done before.
This will serve as your reference before getting your automotive tinted by your chosen provider. Seeing the outlook of the car which they have installed tint will give you a preview of what your two wheels would look like.

2. Ask for a guarantee.
The same when purchasing home appliances and gadgets, a warranty goes, and so is with car window tint. So don’t be too shy to ask for a guarantee as it is one of the factors that you will cling to.

3. Cleanliness is a must!
You never want to see bubbles and lifts in your car window tint, do you? If so, cleanliness should be one of your top priorities because the dust floating around is a culprit to having bad window tint.

4. There should be enough light when fitting the film to your car.
Light plays a vital role when fitting the chosen film unto your car window. Hence, looking for a shop with enough lighting is an absolute must; it will save you from encountering such problems.

5. Look for tint technology.
When talking about tint, it may give a perception that equals to dark, what you don’t know is there is latest tint technology which looks close to invisible but still has the ability to block a relatively huge percentage of the harmful ultraviolet rays and IR radiation.

6. Don’t mind about getting the inside of your car wet.
The water that will drip in your car is lesser than what you think it seems. Instead, trust your window tint shop because they know what to do.

7. Be patient in the curing process.
Patience is a virtue, and it is truly important when you just have your car window tinted as the curing process of the film may take some time─it may be from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. It will be worth the wait, just take long patience with you.

8. Clean the tint properly.
Once the tint is installed, proper cleaning follows. When we say proper, you should be cautious about the cleaning products you will use or else it will do damages on your film.

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