Getting Your Home Ready for a Storm with Window Film!

By admin on June 25, 2019

did you know that windscreen tinting plays a vital role? Some might get the wrong impression that window film is only advantageous during hot days

Weather can really be unpredictable these days. What you think would a sunny day can be turn out to be a rainy one. Which is why being prepared whenever the least expected event comes your way is better; like getting ready for a storm despite that the sun shines brightly. In a situation like this, as a homeowner, your first priority is surely securing your home. Although weather forecast helps in protecting personal safety during stormy seasons or situations, making sure your home is safe is another thing for it requires thorough preparation.

By securing your home, did you know that windscreen tinting plays a vital role? Some might get the wrong impression that window film is only advantageous during hot days, but to make things clear, it also acts as a great defense once the storm hits.

How does window film help during a storm?

Storm does not only bring water for it also comes with strong wind, which can really be destructive, especially if your home has large glass windows. Installing window film can help to reinforce your windows, provided that it is made with protective and safety coating which holds the glass together and prevents potential damage both from inside and out.

By having the windows of your home tinted, you can stay safe and secure at the comfort of your abode even when the storm starts to strike your area. Speaking of, you can get the job done by Infratint, which is one of the best providers of window film in Singapore. Infratint’s films are specially designed to suit not only for automotive applications but also to home, commercial properties, and even boats.

Some ways to protect the exterior of your home

While there is no way anyone can control the mother nature, you can somehow prevent damages to your home by doing something ─ aside from installing window film to your abode.

  • Trim the trees and shrubs surrounding the house. As mentioned, a storm may come with strong winds, in which strong winds can be the reason for debris to fall into your home and cause damages. Some of the debris can be from the trees and shrubs around the house, which is why trimming them down is one of the best ways to eliminate extra damage to your home.
  • Make sure to clean the gutters and drains. Just before the wet season comes, making sure both the gutters and drains are free of leaves and another waste is one way to prevent serious damage to your home.

Other reasons to opt windscreen tinting

More than just giving protection against the detrimental UV rays of the sun ─ which is one of the leading causes of skin disease ─ and securing your home once the storm hits, there are other great reason window film makes a great investment.

  • Improves energy efficiency. Provided that window tinting reduces the amount of heat inside your abode, especially during the dry season, you will not need to rely too much on the use of the air conditioning system. This also means significant savings in your electricity bill.
  • Reduces glare of the sun. By having your window tinted, you can watch your favorite TV series or work on your computer without being bothered by the annoying glare from the sun.
  • Increases privacy. Since there are some who are not comfortable with the idea of being watched by people passing by your home, adding a tinted film to the transparent windows is a smart way to increase your level of privacy.

Whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial window film, Infratint can walk you through the best film suitable for your needs. Reach us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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