When Is the Ideal Time to Have Your Car Windows Tinted?

By admin on April 16, 2019

If you’re looking for a car UV protection, think none other than automotive window films. The quite huge amount of money

If you’re looking for a car UV protection, think none other than automotive window films. The quite huge amount of money (ranging around $200 to $400) that you have to let out of your pocket might make you feel reluctant but the fact that it comes along with great benefits can make a lot of sense. It helps block detrimental ultraviolet rays and glare; protects and improves the visibility of the driver; secures the safety of the passengers; increases security and privacy inside the car, and; safeguards the interior of the vehicle.With all these, car window tint absolutely makes a great investment.

But before you visit a trusted provider of solar window film in Singapore and get the job done, there are some essential things that need to be considered in the first place, including the best time to tint your car windows.

Wet Season: Ideal Time to Avail Car Tinting Service

You are probably thinking that summertime is the best way to get a car tinting service, but it is actually best to be done during colder months. Why, you may want to ask? It is because this season has milder temperatures. However, humidity and rain can be a pain in the neck during the rainy season, which is around June to September, while hot temperature can be experienced if the dry season is extended. But generally speaking, these two periods still make ideal times of the year to have an automotive window film service.

By having a car tinting service during these best times of the year means not being bothered by the heat of the sun once the dry season begins.

Wet vs Dry Season: Special Considerations

During the rainy season, the curing time is definitely a lot longer given that the weather is cold. As for the dry months, in contrary to the fact that hot weather beckons a lot faster curing process for the window tint, still, it isn’t a good thing to have automotive films installed unto your car windows considering that high humidity levels can make the tinting process challenging. However, the problem with regards to the high humidity level does not mean you can’t totally get a car window tint job on these periods. If you insist, it is recommended to choose the best provider which has a climate-controlled environment. Plus, be reminded about the curing process; it needs a lot more time to make sure it adheres properly.
Here are other reasons as to why it is not advisable to tint your car during the hot season:

1. Most people seem to like getting a car tinting service during the hot weather season. The result is: tint shops become too busy!

2. Since the shops are busy, it will be definitely harder to set an appointment, especially for those who always make an appointment at the last minute. This is why it is recommended to:

– Call early (as soon as the window tinting store opens).
– Choose weekdays because everyone is likely to get the job done on the weekends.
– Better pay your appointment in advance for tint shop will definitely prioritize those customers who are steadfast to keeping their rendezvous.

3. When the demand is high the price also goes up. It is because car tinting companies will absolutely take advantage of the high demand by raising the prices of automotive films! That is why if you don’t want to spend much for having your car windows tinted, better yet get it done during the spring and fall and not on summer season.
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