What You Need to Know about Solar Window Film

By admin on November 04, 2019

given that it helps in reducing the heat gain, installing a solar film in Singapore is also efficient in saving energy and fuel usage.

Admit it or not, many countries ─ if not all ─ are experiencing the dire effects of climate change, including the increasing temperature and the thinner ozone layer. Given that Singapore is one of the countries with tropical weather, people are suffering from the intensifying heat of the sun almost all year round. This is why the need to protect one’s self against the destructive sun’s heat becomes one of the top priorities of many. Aside from getting a sunburn, there is also a high chance to suffer from skin cancer considering the fact that the sun is the main source of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Although putting sunscreens and wearing protective gear can help prevent the risks of UV rays, it is also important to know that not only the ultraviolet rays pose peril to health but the glare and heat that come from the sun. You might think that being inside the comfort of your home is enough to avoid the danger that the sun might cause but you actually perceived it wrong. With regular glass windows, the UV rays, as well as the glare and the heat from the sun can still penetrate and do harm not only to your health but the valuable items inside your home ─ or automobile.

In a case like this, installing solar window film is an important factor to consider.

But what is a solar film?

Also known as solar control window film, the solar film is a thin, flexible film applied onto the glass surfaces ─ mostly to the interior of the glass ─ of home, car, building, and/or even marine vessels. As the name implies, this type of window film is specially designed to reduce heat gain, glare, and ultraviolet rays.

This type of window tinting not only protects your furniture at home or car’s interior from being damaged by the sun but it also improves the comfort inside one’s home or vehicle. Also, given that it helps in reducing the heat gain, installing a solar film in Singapore is also efficient in saving energy and fuel usage.

What are the two (2) common types of solar film?

While there are many types of solar window films available in the market, there are two that are common to most people.

  • Ceramic Films

The ceramic film encompasses two main components ─ ceramic and oxy-nitride ─ wherein ceramic is a tough and stable material while oxy-nitride is a transition metal that possesses built-in solar selective properties. Tinting your windows with a ceramic film helps in reducing the heat that penetrates through the windows of your car or home. It is effective in blocking up to 90% of the harmful ultraviolet rays while remaining a crystal clear look. One more thing to note about this type of solar film is the fact that it does not wear away or discolor over time.

  • Metallic Films

This type of solar film is produced by reducing metals into vapor or gas and bonding them to the films. With the metal coating on this film, the solar heat can be reflected while the glare that enters through the windows will be reduced. Although metalized window film is great in reducing heat and glare, as well as in making your glass to not easily shatter in times of break-ins, it can limit your radio reception, GPS, and cellphone network, given that it is made from metal.

What are the pros and cons of solar window film?


  • The polyester used in developing solar film can absorb and reradiate long-wave infrared heat.
  • It improves heat retention during the cold or rainy season and minimizes the heat during sunny days. No need to be too much depended on the use of the air conditioning system, thus lowering the energy costs at home and fuel usage for cars.
  • Reduces glare, thus allowing you to work in front of your computer screen or watch your favorite television series without being distracted by the annoying glare from the sun.
  • Blocks up to 99% of the destructive ultraviolet radiation from penetrating through the window of your home or car.
  • Although it blocks the heat, glare, and UV rays, your view won’t be affected as the film comes in clear instead of tinted.


  • Some films may not be the same as the advertised film. This means that film, most probably of low quality, may start to peel a few years after installation, which is why choosing the best solar film in Singapore is necessary.
  • Films with dark tints may cause obstruction of view for people inside the house, given that a window film with a shiny outer coat can give a dark or shiny external appearance. In some cases, the glass window may appear colored due to the reflection of visible light.
  • Window film application may void some manufacturers’ warranties on windows. Thus, it is important to check with your window warranty before deciding whether or not to install a window film.

Why the installation of window film is important?

In addition to what has been said earlier, having a window film for your home, building, car or marine vessels isn’t just about getting your health and the valuables inside your properties secure from the harm that the sun’s ray may cause but it is also for your safety, security, privacy, and comfort too. Thanks to the multiple layers of polyester bonded together as one, your window can not be easily shattered should there be burglars trying to break into your house or car.

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