Window Film: Reinforces Your Home against Potential Storms

By admin on August 26, 2019

However, residential window films are designed in a way that will make your window glass withstand shattering

Although Singapore is a tropical country which experiences scorching heat in most time of the year, it doesn’t mean it is exempted to storms. Especially in these days where climate change and global warming are considered two of the major global problems. Maybe you are currently enjoying the sun then the next moment it is raining cats and dogs. Which is why we can’t underestimate the weather for it is absolutely hard to predict.

Just before the storm strikes, strengthening your home is the best thing you can do to secure you and your family’s safety. And when it comes to this, looking for the best provider of window film in Singapore is a smart move to enhance the safety and security to your home. Given that the windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home.

Are window films hurricane-proof?

NO ─ same as to the fact that they are not earthquake-proof, bullet-proof, bomb-proof, or burglar-proof. However, residential window films are designed in a way that will make your window glass withstand shattering, in case there are flying shards of broken glass and debris.

Are these protective films worthy to invest in?

It is normal to think twice and feel reluctant before trying or investing in a certain thing, like window film. To put you at ease that you’re investment will not be put to waste, Infratint is guaranteed to meet your expectation regarding the window tinting, given that the films offered have undergone through extensive research and development.

How window film benefits in protecting your home during a storm?

With the help of multiple layers of polyester films that are bonded into a single layer, window film can provide invisible protection as it makes the window glass more difficult to break. In case there are flying objects that struck your window during a storm, flying shards of glass can be prevented as window film holds the glass together regardless of the fact that it is shattered.
In addition, by choosing to install window film, possible flooding can be averted. Given that the glass attached to your window is intact and does not break easily, there is nothing to worry about having cracks on your window glass where water can penetrate inside your home and ruin your possessions.

What are the other benefits of window film?

Although there is glass window designed to reduce the amount of harmful IR and UV rays from penetrating inside your home, not all have the ability to obstruct up to 99% of these destructive rays of the sun. The good thing is ceramic window film can provide you optimum protection against the damaging IR and UV radiation.

When it comes to reducing the solar heat that sneaks inside your home, window tinting can also be of great help given that the window film used has gone through a process where the film metalized by means of a combination of different metals, thus getting superior heat rejection quality. Since the solar heat inside the home or room is reduced, you will not resort to the use of air cooling system more often. Therefore a lower in energy consumption can be expected.

In addition to providing protection against the heat of the sun, and enhancing your security and safety during the storm, window tinting can also help in deterring criminals from breaking and entering through the weak spot of your home ─ window.

Interested in protecting your home with windscreen tinting or your business with commercial window film? Infratint can give you quotations among several providers of window film in Singapore. Reach us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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