Window Tint 101: Baseline Understanding of Window Film

By admin on December 11, 2019

When it comes to window film, most people would surely think about a sleek and stylish-looking car with tinted windows

When it comes to window film, most people would surely think about a sleek and stylish-looking car with tinted windows. What some don’t know is the fact that window tinting is not just about cars but also applicable for home and business establishments’ windows ─ and even boats!

Due to the various benefits entailed to window tinting, it is not surprising that the industry of window film in Singapore is flourishing. As a matter of fact, the growing number of companies offering window tinting job can be considered as one of the proofs.

If you are mulling over upgrading your abode or commercial building while solving the problem of the inflation of utility bills, window film installation is a nice choice. But if you are new about window film, this article can serve as your guide as we will be giving you a deeper understanding of window film.

Difference between window film and window tinting

You might think that these two terms are more or less similar things, but they are actually not. So, for better understanding, here’s the difference between the two:

  • Window tinting is a term uses when pertaining to the modification of the color of the glass used in a window, which can only be done during the process of glass manufacturing.
  • Window film, on the other hand, is the product applied to a window after manufacturing and installation. It is usually made of multi-layers of polyester films bonded into a single layer, which prevents up to 99% of the harmful IR and UV rays from penetrating into the windows. The window film can change the color or tint of the glass depending on the type of film used. The shade of the window film comes in various degrees or grades of darkness.

Window tinting laws

Not because you feel like tinting your car, home or commercial building’s windows does not already mean you can do it right away. Though it’s illegal to have a window tinting job, it is important to be cautious about the window tinting laws.

While the laws regarding window tinting may vary in every state, the laws categorize tints based on VLT percentages or the Visible Light Transmission. A window tint with 65% VLT means that the tint allows 65% of the visible light spectrum through while a tint of 55% tells that 55% of the light spectrum is passing through. Therefore, the lower the VLT is, the darker the tint.

To make sure you are following the state regulation regarding window tinting, it is better to research what your state requires. Or make sure to let only professional window tinting companies tint your windows because they guarantee their business to stay updated on window tint regulations.

Main reasons why it is important to purchase window film

If there are individuals who are eager to install window film, it can’t also be denied that there are some people who feel reluctant about purchasing window film. In case you belong to the latter, the following advantages that you can enjoy through window tinting can help you decide.

  • You can reduce the sun’s heat and cooling costs. Being inside your home does not guarantee a full escape against the pesky sun’s heat, and your windows are the ones to blame. It is because the windows are considered the number one cause of heat gain in most homes. Not to mention that Singapore is one of the countries where people experience the summer season almost throughout the year. With the help of heat resistant window film, you can be able to enjoy invisible protection against the harsh sun’s heat given that it can reduce up to 67 percent of the heat of the sun while trimming down the cooling costs by up to 30 percent.

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  • You can get rid of annoying glare. Imagine watching your favorite television series or working on your computer screen when all of a sudden the sun hits the glass and causes refraction and light displacement. This can surely make you lose your focus and make you feel uncomfortable. But if you’re home windows are tinted, you will never be bothered by the annoying glare even without putting blinds or drapes.
  • You can save your home’s interior from early deterioration. The sun’s UV rays are considered as the silent destroyer of your interior furnishings. Installing window films is a great solution to save your interior, including the furniture, leather couch, wooden floors, etc., from fading ─ since it provides up to 99% UV protection.
  • You can have an extra level of safety. In times of natural disasters and break-in incidents, your windows are regarded as a vulnerable point of your home or building. This is because it can get easily damaged or broken when flying debris hit on the glass. With window films, particularly those which are designed for security, you can guarantee an additional layer of safety given that the film holds the damaged glass together in case it gets shattered.
  • You can enjoy a cost-effective way of adding privacy and style to your windows. As a home or business owner, making your property stand out among others might be one of your ultimate goals. With this, you can start by upgrading your windows. However, stained, privacy or etched glass can be quite expensive, good thing there’s decorative window film! Through the installation of a decorative window film, you can be able to add style and enhance the privacy to your home without risking the inflow of natural light by depending on blinds and/or curtains.

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