How Window Tint Works in Reducing Heat inside the Car

By admin on March 25, 2019

the factors most car possessors go for a window tinting job is to obstruct the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating inside the vehicle.

Every car owner has his/her own reasons about opting to have the window of the car tinted, and one (if not the main reason) of the factors most car possessors go for a window tinting job is to obstruct the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating inside the vehicle. Who could last an hour or two an auto with a high temperature? You may be wondering if having films installed unto the car’s window can lessen the heat inside? To answer that, yes it actually can reduce heat!

If you need more information about how it works before making a decision in installing a car window film, continue reading.

Window film acts as a barrier between the sun and the car’s interior.

The film is mostly made of polyester; however, there are some window film companies that make use of a thin coating of colored dye and metal fragments which obstruct the thermal energy coming from the sun at the same time, it is designed to allow ample amount of sunlight to pass through your car windows.

Window tint comes in a wide selection; choose the best for your vehicle.

In order to cater to the different needs of every car owner, several companies have produced various types of window film; each has its own characteristics that you can find compatible to your needs and what your car deserves. You can choose from:

  • Solar Window Film: This type of film not only does beautify your car but also aids when it comes to heat and glare problem. With all the tinting company offering this film, it is smart to search for best solar film in Singapore recommended by a trusted supplier.
  • Safety and Security Window Film: A film designed to give extra layer protection to both the person/people and the properties inside the vehicle in case of burglar attack.
  • Decorative Window Film: If one of your reasons in installing a car window film is to make your vehicle look more stylish, better opt for this kind of tint.
  • Privacy Window Film: While safety and security film aims to protect you and your possessions from harm, this window tint, on the other hand, targets to give the privacy you want while on the road.
  • UV Blocking Window Film: The heat of the sun can really be detrimental to both the skin and your car’s interior; hence this film is created to serve as car UV protection. As a matter of fact, the tint can help in blocking up to 99.9% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Ceramic Window Film: Aside from the damaging ultraviolet rays, we should be aware that we are also exposed to infrared lights. Given this, installing a ceramic film to the car windows is a great way to protect yourself (and your car too)! It obstructs up to 90% of the infrared light that sneaks into the windows. In addition, since it is a non-metal-based film, devices which necessitate electronic waves like mobile phones, radios, and GPS system can still work properly without experiencing any disturbances.

Considering installing window film to your car is like defending yourself against the health problems entailed by the hot temperature inside the vehicle. That is why window tinting should not be viewed as a form of luxury, when in fact it is a great investment that gives a lot of benefits. In case you need more information about window tint (may it be for your car, home, building, or boat) Infratint can provide your needs!

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