Why Window Tinting is an Ideal Gift for Car Lovers?

By admin on January 06, 2020

Reject Infrared (IR). In addition to car UV protection, car window tinting also reduces the amount of Infrared component that comes from the sun’s rays.

Although Singapore is a country that does not experience the winter season, you probably have noticed that the weather is starting to get colder ─ and this means that the holiday season is about to start. While many people are thrilled about dressing their home for the holiday season by putting up Christmas decorations, some are thinking about the ideal holiday gift they can give for their loved ones. Shopping for the perfect gift this festive season is actually not that hard, as there are a lot of options to choose from. However, this becomes challenging if you are looking for something that is worthy to give for a person who fancy cars ─ whether it is your significant other, father, relative or friend.

Aside from giving a car cleaning kit or car detailing products, which are quite common gifts, you might have not thought about car window tinting as a present for your car-loving family or friend? Or have you?

Car window tinting is an unpredictable gift

If you are looking for something that is unconventional and unpredictable to give to your loved one, who happens to have a special liking for cars, then you should consider surprising your family, friend, or significant other by having his/her car tinted from a trusted car window tinting company. With so many options that can be seen and bought in stores, we bet no one would expect this kind of present. It is indeed unusual yet very useful and practical.

Car window tinting suits to any gender and/or age

Exchanging gifts to a coworker, a friend, or a family member is exciting yet tricky at the same time, most especially if you don’t know the person you will be exchanging gift with. This occurs mostly during spot exchange gifts. But if people involved in have one thing in common, say a car, window tinting voucher can make a perfect gift. Whether the person is a he or she, regardless of the age, an automotive film can be useful.

What are the benefits of automotive window film?

Try looking around the parking lot or on the road and you will probably notice that most cars have tinted windows. If you still have not considered tinting yours or if you know someone who has not yet had a car window tinting job, you can take advantage of the holiday season to do a car tinting job ─ as a gift to yourself or to your loved one. Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy:

  • Give car UV protection. Although your car’s glass window can limit the amount of light that enters the vehicle, it is not enough to shield you from the harm caused by the UV rays of the sun. Hence, upgrading with the best car film in Singapore is a smart choice, as window tinting not only does spare you from the discomfort caused by being exposed to too much sunlight but it also gives a car UV protection.
  • Increase comfort. Going on a road trip this festive season is a great way to chill with your family or friends. But not until you get stuck in heavy traffic under the broad sunlight. In times like this, driving a car with tinted windows is like a blessing in disguise, given that you will not be bothered by the being toast as automotive film helps in keeping the car cool.
  • Reduce glare. Being distracted by the sun’s glare while driving is one of the main causes of accidents. Discard this problem by tinting your car’s windows!
  • Reject Infrared (IR). In addition to car UV protection, car window tinting also reduces the amount of Infrared component that comes from the sun’s rays.
  • Increase security. Clear car windows invite potential robbers or burglars, as they can clearly see the valuables inside the vehicle. That is why installing a car film is one of the great ways to protect your car as tinting can block clear vision into your car’s interior.
  • Enhance privacy level. Being looked at by passers-by while you are inside your vehicle can give an uncomfortable feeling. But you can avoid this from happening and have the privacy you want, even when on the road or a public place by having a car window tinting job.

Looking for an automotive film in Singapore?

When it comes to choosing one of the best providers of car film in Singapore, Infratint is a great choice, as it offers films that are specially designed to suit specifically for automotive applications. As a matter of fact, there are four (4) grades of solar film to choose from:

  • Infra-Smoke Series. It offers the basic protection for your car ─ providing up to 20% IR reduction and rejecting up to 99% of the UV radiation.
  • Infra-Titanium Series. It provides excellent protection for your vehicle against both IR and UV radiation. It comes with up to 60% of IR reduction.
  • Infra-Platinum Series. It gives optimum protection for your vehicle due to the ceramic coating or sputter films used. This series of the film comes with up to 80% IR reduction.
  • Infra-Platinum99 Series. Aside from it uses ceramic-coated window film, this series is considered the top of the range grade among Infratint’s series. It provides up to 99% of both IR and UV reduction ─ as well as provides glare reduction and excellent rejection in solar energy.

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