How Does Window Tinting Work?

By admin on September 30, 2019

This is why a car, house, or office without heat resistant window tint is more likely to absorb heat easily

If you’re looking for something that can benefit your car, home or office when it comes to protecting your skin while driving under the sweltering weather, saving money on your monthly utility bills, or enhancing the productivity of your employees, windscreen tint or window tinting is a wise solution!

Window tinting is the application of tinting film onto the surface of window glass. Window film is usually made of clear layer of polyester film with a very thin and even layer that is made up of tinting agents like metals and/or dyes.

Aside from blocking the visible light, window film also acts as a shield against the cancer-causing ultraviolet (both UV-A and UV-B) rays of the sun, as well as infrared (IR) rays, which are the main reason of heat building up in your car, home, or office. This is why a car, house, or office without heat resistant window tint is more likely to absorb heat easily, which result in resorting on the use of air conditioning system most of the time.

One of the most heard misconceptions when it comes to window film is it makes driving at night a challenge due to the dark film. This is probably because some people correlate window film to sunglasses. But unlike sunglasses that block sunlight ─ hence really impairing your ability to drive at night ─ window film is designed to eliminate glare without impeding your night-time driving. Also, window film comes in many varieties which allow you to choose the shade of window film according to your preferences.

Another common myth, which gets some people confused, is that window film is applied onto the outer surface of the window or auto glass. To make it clear, window film is installed on the inner surface in order to protect the film from getting damaged by the flying debris or other hard objects.

When it comes to the car’s window, a normal auto glass which has not been tinted reflects around 5% of visible light, absorbs another 5% of visible light, and transmits 90% of visible light into the car. But once the window film is applied, the amount of visible light that comes into the car changes dramatically depending on the type and quality of window tinting film.

If you will shop for window film in Singapore, chances are you more likely to see the VLT% or the Visible Light Transmittance. This VLT% indicates how much visible light is allowed to enter and shine into the car or a house. Also, it helps you to know how dark the tint will look like.

Although there are a lot of window film varieties that come in different designs and shades, it is important to check with the window tint guidelines of the state you live in about what level of darkness is within reasonable limits.


Window film is an adhesive layer that can give homeowners and car owners multiple benefits including:

  • Increasing energy efficiency at home. With the help of heat resistant window film, you can be able to save money on your monthly electricity bills as it window tinting can effectively help in lowering your energy consumption at home.
  • Strengthening security. Window film can give an extra layer of protection whether you are at home or in your car. This is because this adhesive layer makes your window shatter-resistant, which prevents you from getting hurt should there be flying debris or when you get involved in a collision. It also makes it hard for burglars to get valuable things inside your home or car gave that the window with tinting film cannot be easily broken.
  • Enhancing privacy. By having your car or home window tinting, you can be able to enjoy sipping your coffee by the windows of your home or drive at ease without worrying about the uncomfortable looks from your neighbors or strangers.
  • Improving comfort. Driving under the basking heat of the sun is both a challenge and risky, due to the fact that the sun produces ultraviolet and infrared rays that cause skin cancer. Even the simple movie-marathon with the family or working in front of your computer screen becomes a challenge due to the pesky heat and glare. But with window film, these problems can be solved.
  • Protecting your car and home interior from wear and tear. Not only your skin suffers from the destructive UV rays of the sun, but your car and home interior too! That is why window film is like a life-saver for it reduces UV exposure, hence protecting both your skin and the interior of your two valuable possessions.
  • Adding stylish and decorative touches. Both homeowners and car owners want to make their investments outstanding ─ which is made possible by upgrading your car or home windows.

When it comes to window film in Singapore, Infratint offers a range of windscreen tint solutions that are both perfect for your car, home, or office!

If you’re a car owner who is planning to give your auto an upgraded look, you can choose from our Infra-Smoke Series, Infra-Titanium Series, Infra-Platinum Series, and Infra-Platinum99 Series. As for those who want to make their abodes even more appealing, we have different types of decorative films to choose from, including Simglas Series, Rice Paper Designs, Frosted Window Films, and Patterned Films. For quotations, you can reach us through our customer care hotline 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.

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